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Hair Strengthening Kit

For healthy skin and hair

€220,00 €200,00
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Anti Hair Loss Kit with Dermastamp

treatment against baldness

€259,00 €220,00

Nutricum Tricostrong® Hair Supplement -1 Pack

Promotes regrowth, stops hair loss

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Tricostrong® Anti-Hair Loss Lotion

with Tricofactor Growth CPX®

€65,00 €60,00

Tricostrong® Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

with Tricofactor Growth CPX®


Dermastamp Anti-Dandruff Care

Scalp treatment device

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Lifting Face Kit

beauty routine anti-age liftante

€150,00 €125,00
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Face Cleansing Mousse

Mild and foaming detergent

€30,00 €24,00
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Lifting Face Serum

Anti-wrinkle, relaxing and lifting serum

€60,00 €48,00
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Star Mask Exfoliating Face Mask

exfoliating mask and face scrub

€35,00 €28,00
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Illuminating Face Kit

Beauty routine for a healthier and brighter skin

€140,00 €115,00
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Illuminating Face Serum

moisturizing, brightening, purifying serum

€50,00 €40,00
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Dermastamp Skincare

Device for cell renewal

€39,00 €31,20
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Bruise Stop Cream

Post-treatment cream of aesthetic medicine

€30,00 €24,00
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Lip Lasting Moisturizer

Gloss balm, glossy, nourishing

€25,00 €20,00
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Lactoferrin Strong Natural Supplement

To strengthen the immune system

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Spirulina Strong weight loss supplement -4 Packs

natural supplement to lose weight

€80,00 €50,00

Golden Skin Supplement

antioxidant, tan sublimator


Easy Relax Supplement

Natural anti-stress and insomnia supplement


Golden Skin Sun Milk - Protection 30 SPF

spf 30 milk, nourishing for the body


Golden Skin Hair and Body Sun Oil

sun oil tanning skin and hair protection


Solar Water Golden Skin

Moisturizes and refreshes the skin under the sun


Golden Skin Sun Cream Face - SPF 50

high sun protection, anti sun spot


Golden Skin Sun Cream Face - SPF 25

medium sunscreen, anti sunspot

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