The Dermastamp: what it is and how to use it

Are you scared of needles? You might change your mind after discovering all the benefits of the revolutionary Dermastamp device!

Dermastamp, indicated for both men and women, is designed for microneedling of the skin: Activates the natural process of cell regeneration by stimulating microcirculation, collagen production and cell renewal.

The outcome ? One device Practical and safe both in the removal of small scars and stretch marks on the skin and as an anti-hair loss treatment! Painless and easy to use, it will become the must-have in your beauty and hair routine at home!

We shed light on everything you need to know about this tool.

The Dermastamp: what is it?

The Dermastamp is a next-generation device that belongs to the category of Needling or Microneedling, from the English word for "micro-drilling." It makes it possible to perform a Non-surgical, non-ablative and non-invasive tissue rejuvenation treatment from within, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin at the level of the dermis of the skin. The more collagen-rich a skin is, the more elastic it will be and will age more slowly than other skin types. 

The basic concept is that these micro-needling-performed skin excisions stimulate its natural reparative and regenerative processes by involving the uninjured parts as well. It allows for shorter recovery times and fewer adverse reactions than thermal laser or chemical peel ablation.

In recent years, microneedling and Dermastamp, in particular, have caused a stir for their effectiveness and their results, visible and lasting.

The Dermastamp: what is it used for?

As needed, Dermastamp can be used both on the skin and on the skin to enable cell renewal. 

On the skin, the device promotes:

- la Decreased signs of aging and small scars, such as those caused by acne or chickenpox, even in hard-to-reach areas: near the eyes, behind the ears, on the hands, etc; 

- one Significant smoothing of deep expression lines and hyperpigmentation isolated. In fact, the increased blood supply, harmonizes the old scar tissue with the surrounding skin pigmentation;

- The cell regeneration Also on body blemishes such as stretch marks;

- absorption of serums and lotions, making them penetrate deeper into the skin.

On the scalp, Dermastamp is able to:

- Increase the size and strength of the hair follicle.

- counteract hair loss By increasing blood flow to the hair bulb; 

- Greatly increase the penetration of any product applied to the scalp for hair regrowth. 

In short, an all-in-one solution with no side effects, no disruption of social life, and no post-operative pain! That's why it meets with so much acceptance.

The Dermastamp: how and when to use it?

The Dermastamp Of Stanartis reflects the highest standards of quality. It features very thin and adjustable titanium needles.that allow a gradual action, never too aggressive.

The depth to which the needles can penetrate and the frequency are adjusted according to the type of skin, the area and the blemish to be treated.

Before use, always sterilize the Dermastamp by soaking the head and needles facing downward in an alcohol-based solution. Let it soak for about 2 minutes. Remember that for hygiene and safety issues, the Dermastamp is strictly personal and cannot be shared with other people!

On the hair 

To strengthen the hair, treatment is recommended every 2 weeks.

Adjust the needles to 0.8 mm if you have short hair and 1 mm if you have long hair. Use the device on clean, damp hair, ideally after using the Tricostrong® Anti-Hair Loss Strengthening Shampoo by Stanartis.

Apply the Tricostrong® Antifall Lotion or the oil you want to penetrate the scalp better and make, with Dermastamp, a gentle pressure on the area to be treated. You can replicate the gesture about 10 times on the same area, in different directions, before moving on to the next. 

On the face

For facial treatment, we recommend using once a week. Wash your face first with a mild cleanser: our Cleansing Mousse Is perfect for removing any make-up residue. 

Apply the siero you want to penetrate and proceed with the treatment by adjusting the needles to 0.5 mm. Perform 10 gentle pressures on the same area to be treated, in different directions, before moving on to the next. 

After using Dermastamp, do not apply any other products in the next 6 hours.

there we are!

Dermastamp: when is it not recommended?

Avoid using Dermastamp in case of:

- Irritation/wounds on the face that could cause infection

- during pregnancy

- metal allergy

Finally, keep Dermastamp out of the reach of children.

What are you waiting for? Introduce Dermastamp into your beauty routine-your hair and skin will reap amazing benefits!