Experts in trichology and dermocosmetics

Stanartis is a pharmaceutical cosmetics company that focuses on treating the
health and the enhancement of beauty. Founded on medical studies and cutting-edge raw materials, the company is constantly working on
to create unique products that make a difference.


Our commitment is to personal care and customer satisfaction. We want to improve the quality of life and we do this by searching for the perfect balance between combinations of the best raw materials. Our products are the result of research and innovation to propose the most effective solution and meet all expectations, we are at the service of your beauty.


Our products are designed to enhance beauty not only on the outside but also on the inside, because we believe that feeling good about yourself is the first step to being more beautiful on the outside and above all happy.

We strongly believe this, don't you? The care and attention we put into making our products is the same as we have for the environment with the use of recyclable plastic for our packaging.