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Collagen Dermabooster

Stop skin ageing with enhanced collagen


Supreme Face Kit

All-round smoothing and purifying beauty routine

€210,00 €160,00

360° Face Cream

Moisturizes and smoothes the face and eye contour


Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum

Eyelash and eyebrow serum to thicken, lengthen and strengthen them


Stanartis anti-acne cream

Medical device for oily and acne-prone skin.


Star Mask Exfoliating Face Mask

exfoliating mask and face scrub


Face Cleansing Mousse

Mild and foaming detergent


Illuminating Face Serum

moisturizing, brightening, purifying serum


Lifting Face Serum

Anti-wrinkle, relaxing and lifting serum


Illuminating Face Kit

Beauty routine for a healthier and brighter skin

€140,00 €115,00

Dermastamp Cell Renewal Device

Anti-ageing and scalp stimulation treatment


Lip Lasting Moisturizer

Gloss balm, glossy, nourishing


Bruise Stop Cream

Post-treatment cream of aesthetic medicine


Lifting Face Kit

beauty routine anti-age liftante

€150,00 €125,00

Stanartis professional skincare routine

This is not simple skincare, but a real professional beauty routine to do at home. Transform the skin on your face with a small daily beauty ritual with scientifically proven efficacy, designed to give your skin a healthy, radiant appearance. The aim of Stanartis cosmetics is to give visible results in a short time, always safeguarding the health of the skin. The line includes:

Gentle cleansing: start with our Facial Cleansing Mousse a frothy, naturally perfumed formula to gently remove impurities and make-up residues.

Deep exfoliation: renew your skin with our Star Mask exfoliating face mask, a unique product that combines peeling with moisturising, nourishing and firming properties. It purifies pores in depth and gives a smooth and even complexion.

Moisturising and nourishing: choose from our 360° Face Cream an anti-ageing face cream to moisturise and nourish the skin of the face and décolleté.

Fight the signs of ageing: add our Lifting Face Serum to combat wrinkles, fine lines and give your face a younger, brighter appearance.

Perfect eyelashes and eyebrows: take care of your eyes with Starlash Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum for thicker, groomed eyelashes and eyebrows.

Support from within: boost your skincare routine with Collagen Dermabooster, our collagen +30 supplement supports healthy skin from within by supporting collagen production.

The effectiveness of the Stanartis professional facial skincare routine

Stanartis offers you a professional skincare routine designed by Dr Salvatore Artiano that is effective and safe, and will help you achieve real and lasting results. Our products are formulated with high quality natural ingredients that work in synergy to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Why choose Stanartis?

Visible and long-lasting results: our professional skincare routine is designed to offer real and lasting results.

Products formulated with natural ingredients: we only use high-quality ingredients of natural origin to ensure maximum safety and tolerability for your skin.

Simple but effective routines: our professional skincare routine can be tailored to your specific needs, to provide the perfect facial care for you.

Experience and expertise: the a style="text-decoration:underline" href="/en/pages/risultati-scientifici#content-7829a67b-dc1c-47eb-b5e0-71fb440a2fdd">results of tests on the effectiveness of the Stanartis professional skincare routine are conducted at the Laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Federico II University of Naples and have been validated by rigorous scientific analysis.
Stanartis is the ideal choice for a professional, effective and safe skincare routine. Try our products and discover the secrets to radiant, blemish-free skin!