Find out the results of effectiveness tests conducted by the Laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Federico II University of Naples and the photographic testimonies of those who have tried Stanartis products.

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Healthier, thicker hair, as early as the 3rd month

The kit combines the properties of the patented Tricostrong CPX® and Tricofactor Growth CPX® molecules to promote hair growth, density and health. Some customers have claimed to have seen improvements from as early as the first month of treatment.



Parameters to be evaluated:

- Hair density
- Median hair thickness
- Percentage hair vellus ratio (Anagen/Telogen)
- Scalp hydration with Corneometer when using CM 825
- Hemoglobin index of the scalp by means of Mexameterľ MX 18), indirect measurement of the skin microcirculation.

Products subject to evaluation:

- Tricostrong tablets- Use of 2 tablets per day after the main meals
- Tricostrong Shampoo - Use of an adequate amount, leaving it on for 2 minutes
- Tricostrong Lotion - Use on clean and dry scalp (2- 4 sprays)
- Dermastamp - Use once a week on clean hair, for one month

Initial conditions of study participants

In evaluating the efficacy of the product under study, a study protocol was used on 20 adult volunteers, aged between 18 and 65 years, of both sexes. The selected volunteers were found to have Alopecia conclamata or in effluvium by scalp analysis. All volunteers were followed up by a medical specialist (trichologist), in particular during the first check-up in which a trichological examination was carried out, assigning the volunteer a specific degree of alopecia, according to the Hamilton - Norwood scale.


The Regrowth and Fall Kit with Dermastamp is able to significantly reduce the Telogen phase of the life cycle of the hair and stimulate the Anagen Phase. The subjects, after treatment, have a smaller number of hair that detach from the hair bulbs at the level of the scalp, and then fall. This trend, which is manifested from the first month of treatment, with peaks at 2 and 3 months of treatment (respectively -30.0% and -20.0%), confirms the ability of the product to prevent hair loss, reducing it, in favour of a greater stimulation of the growth phase of the hair bulbs.

The product has a good effectiveness in the prevention of hair loss, as it induces an improvement in the parameters related to the physiological aspects of the hair, both on their growth status and on the health of the scalp.

  • Increases hair density: Increases the number of bulbs (+16% after 2 months and +8% after 4 months)
  • Reduces vellus hairs in favor of strong hair ends
  • Increases hair thickness (+5.4% after 4 months)
Siero Ciglia e Sopracciglia per allungare, rafforzare e infoltire le ciglia - Stanartis


An intense look in just one month.

It strengthens, thickens and lengthens the eyelashes and fills in the eyebrows with the combined action of natural substances and peptides enriched with growth factors. Easy to apply, it has given noticeable results after just 2 weeks of daily application.



Prima Dopo uso siero ciglia e sopracciglia Stanartis

Parameters evaluated:

Lash images and their numerical evaluation using VISIA®

Products evaluated:

Lash Lengthening Serum - Use once a day, in the evening, for 8 weeks.

Initial conditions of study participants

The 20 voluntary, female and aged 20-55 years, were subjected to an analysis of the volume and length of eyelashes using the VISIA (Canfiled Scientific, Inc.).

Such analysis, known as CSI (Complete Skin Investigation) analysis is carried out before the start of treatment (T0) in order to classify the volunteer, and is repeated after 2 and 4 weeks of product use (T2w and T4w) to assess the effectiveness of the cosmetic treatment in place.

Volunteers were asked to give their personal opinion on the product by assigning a score on a scale from 1 to 10. The responses collected are reported as a percentage. Most volunteers (70%) considered the product pleasant and easy to use (80%).

Increase in eyelash volume and length

From the analysis of the images, the relative numerical parameters of volume and area assessed by VISIA® for the eyelashes showed a statistically significant increasing trend in the group of volunteers under examination, namely.

- Eyelash volume showed a statistically significant average percentage increase over time of +2.1 % (T2w), +1.8 % (T4w), +1.9 % (T6w), and +4.4 % (T8w).
- There is also a statistically significant increase in eyelash length after 8 weeks of treatment. The values recorded are +3.4 % (T2w), and +3.3 % (T4w), +3.9 % at (T6w), +8.6 % (T8w) respectively.
Kit Viso Liftante con mousse detergente, siero liftante, maschera scrub viso e lip labbra


Healthier, smoother skin in just a few weeks
It acts synergistically to purify, moisturise and improve skin tension, resulting in a progressive reduction in wrinkles and imperfections. The skin appears more elastic, smoother and radiant from the fourth week of treatment.



Evaluation parameters:

- Skin hydration
- Sebometry: measures the level of sebum on the skin surface.
- Trans epidermal water loss (TEWL)
- Uniformity of skin texture
- Skin porphyrins
- Skin peeling
- Analysis of pores and general conditions of the face, both on the surface and in depth.

Products subject to evaluation:

- Mousse Detergente Stanartis - Use morning and evening for 4 weeks
- Star Mask Stanartis - Use 3 times a week, with a 10-minute pose, for 4 weeks
- Lifting face serum Stanartis - Application morning and evening for 4 weeks

Initial conditions of the study participants

The 20 volunteers had mixed, oily and acneic skin and their usual lifestyle remained unchanged during the test period just to avoid compromising the results of the research.
Using VISIA" (Canfield Scientific, Inc.) it is possible to evaluate the uniformity of the skin texture, or texture. This parameter refers to the condition of the skin surface in terms of smoothness. The results show that the panelists have a reduction of skin defects of - 5.4% and - 12.4% after 2 and 4 weeks of treatment with the kit.

The Kit has smoothing properties when used according to protocol. The skin, in fact, at the end of the treatment is smoother and more homogeneous, and has less irregularities.
The monitoring of TEWL values using Tewameter ³ TM Hex, showed a decreasing trend. In fact, the values show a marked statistically significant decrease in the two and four weeks of treatment with the test kit. The obtained data indicate that the products have a strong restoring action on the state of integrity of the skin barrier, resulting in a decrease in the degree of evaporation of transepidermic water, helping to prevent dehydration phenomena.

At the end of the treatment 75% of the volunteers have healthier skin, with a skin barrier rebalanced.

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