How to choose a shampoo for Androgenetic Alopecia?

Androgenetic alopecia is a challenge for many people, but the search for effective solutions is always on. One of the ways to tackle this condition is through the use of specifically formulated products, such as shampoo, for androgenetic alopecia. Let's find out how it works and how it can help keep hair healthy and strong.

Shampoo Androgenetic Alopecia: what you need to know

Androgenetic alopecia is a form of hair loss, often genetically inherited, that can affect both men and women at different stages of life. Hair gradually thins out due to the action of androgenic hormones, which can affect the hair growth cycle, leading to a reduction in the size of hair follicles.

A shampoo for androgenetic alopecia must be designed to address the hair loss caused by this condition, with natural ingredients that aim to alleviate the symptoms of androgenetic alopecia, such as thinning hair and miniaturisation of follicles in favour of an overall improvement in structure and rebalancing of the scalp.

An example of an effective shampoo for androgenetic alopecia is Stanartis' TRICOSTRONG® Anti-Hair Loss and Strengthening Shampoo, contained in the Regrowth and Hair Loss Kit: this extremely gentle shampoo is formulated to prevent the process of weakening and hair loss. Thanks to the Tricofactor Growth CPX molecule, it strengthens the hair bulb and hair structure and slows hair loss. Its gentleness soothes and balances the scalp, making it perfect for frequent use and even in cases of dermatitis.

The Regrowth and Anti-Hair Loss Kit with Dermastamp: a scientifically proven solution

Shampoo is certainly an essential tool for preventing and supporting your hair in the event of problems such as androgenetic alopecia. For a complete treatment, however, combining its action with that of other targeted products may be the key. The Anti-Hair Loss Kit with Dermastamp was created precisely for this reason and represents a step forward in the fight against thinning and hair loss, being also effective against androgenetic alopecia. This kit is the result of extensive medical research in the field of hair growth factors. The combination of the molecules Tricostrong CPX® and Tricofactor Growth CPX®, born from Stanartis research and the expertise of medical surgeon Salvatore Artiano, slows hair loss and stimulates growth. Its efficacy has been scientifically proven by the pharmacy laboratory of the Federico II University (a href="">full research here).

In addition to the strengthening anti-hair loss shampoo Tricostrong® suitable in cases of adrogenetic alopecia, the kit contains all the range products of the Stanartis hair line:

  • the Tricostrong® anti-hair loss lotion, which, thanks to the presence of Bimatoprost and placental extracts, acts as an adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss, strengthening the scalp.
  • 4 packs of Nutricum Tricostrong® Hair Supplement, a natural product that stimulates hair growth and thickening by stimulating the production of keratin, a protein essential for maintaining healthy and strong hair, and reducing hair loss thanks to the powerful antioxidant effect of the Tricostrong CPX® molecule.
  • the advanced Dermastamp device, a tool that promotes skin regeneration thanks to the action of micro-needles that stimulate circulation.

This kit is ideal for men and women suffering from baldness or noticing the first signs of thinning. The active ingredients of the anti-hair loss shampoo and lotion, together with the supplements and the use of the Dermastamp, make this kit effective in strengthening the hair bulb and promoting hair growth.

The scientific achievements of the Federico II University

The laboratory results I of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Federico II University confirm the effectiveness of the Regrowth and Anti-Hair Loss Kit. From the data obtained, it can be stated that the kit has a moisturising capacity and promotes better vascularisation of the scalp. Furthermore, the kit has been shown to significantly reduce the Telogen phase of the hair's life cycle and stimulate the Anagen phase, thus promoting hair growth. These results confirm the scientifically proven efficacy of the Regrowth and Anti-Hair Loss Kit with Dermastamp in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

A step forward in the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia

If you are looking for answers about androgenetic alopecia and how to deal with it, remember that every person is unique. Although it can be a challenge, the right approach can make a difference and it is important to keep a positive and proactive outlook. What is certain and universal is that a balanced diet and the use of specific, targeted products, such as TRICOSTRONG® Anti-Fall and Strengthening Shampoo and the Regrowth and Anti-Fall Kit with Dermastamp, can definitely be part of an effective plan and bring positive results.

Thanks to scientific research and natural ingredients, these products can help improve overall hair health and reduce the symptoms of alopecia. Always consult a health professional for a personalised evaluation and to determine the best solution for you. With targeted products such as these, you can work towards stronger hair and greater self-confidence.