Hair supplements: do they really work?

In pharmacies, parapharmacies or supermarkets, we find many offers of hair supplements. Do they really work?

The answer is it depends: certainly there are some very good ones that can stimulate hair growth and even counteract baldness. The effectiveness of a supplement comes from the quality of the active ingredients contained and their concentration.

Let's find out together what types of hair supplements allow you to achieve visible results.

How do hair supplements work?

Hair supplements are dietary, nonpharmacological tablets., that are taken to replenish the nutrients needed for healthy hair and scalp. Therefore, among the many hair loss remedies are among the most effective.

Lack of these elements is usually due to excessive coffee and alcohol consumption, an unbalanced diet or a stressful and/or inactive lifestyle. Anti-hair loss supplements supplement these substances, stimulating hair growth by.

Hair supplements: what do the effective ones contain?

To identify the best hair supplements, don't stop at the promises on the box, go straight to the list of ingredients. Biotin, vitamins and minerals, substances that make up the hair fiber must be present.

The concentration of active ingredients contained in each capsule is also important: higher doses usually correspond to greater efficacy.

Il dr. Salvatore Artiano, well-known surgeon, has conducted a series of scientific research on the subject, eventually formulatingthe special Tricostrong CPX® molecule that can promote hair thickening. From this discovery was born the'Nutricum Tricostrong® hair supplement., Of natural tablets effective on men and women, which can also be taken during pregnancy.

The hair appears visibly more beautiful, stronger and nourished.  The presence of vitamin B revitalizes the scalp and fortifies the hair bulbs. It also promotes the production of keratin, a protein and main constituent of the hair fiber.

After how long do hair supplements take effect?

Hair supplements should be taken consistently for at least 5-6 months. By choosing Nutricum Tricostrong, you will already see noticeable results from the 3rd month of intake! Since it is a natural product, its continued intake is safe - recommended even for pregnant women.

Daily intake of 2 tablets of Nutricum Tricostrong®, Guarantees visible results for men and women.

It is important to take the supplement on a full stomach because, despite being natural, the active ingredients in it are present in high amounts and could cause nausea.

The doctor recommends taking the 2 tablets after the main meal, accompanying them with a glass of water. Cycles of 6 months are recommended, with a 1-month break between cycles.

Do you want to see results faster?

If you lose a lot of hair or want to see results faster, add an anti-fall lotion and/or shampoo to your routines to strengthen the hair bulb, we recommend Stanartis strengthening shampoo and anti-fall lotion.

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