Must-have skincare

Shaker omaggio

Collagen Dermabooster

Stop skin ageing with enhanced collagen


Stanartis anti-acne cream

Medical device for oily and acne-prone skin.


Supreme Face Kit

All-round smoothing and purifying beauty routine

€210,00 €160,00

Golden Skin Hair and Body Sun Oil

sun oil tanning skin and hair protection


Golden Skin Sun Cream Face - SPF 25

medium sunscreen, anti sunspot


Illuminating Face Serum

moisturizing, brightening, purifying serum


Dermastamp Cell Renewal Device

Anti-ageing and scalp stimulation treatment


Golden Skin Supplement

antioxidant, tan sublimator


Lip Lasting Moisturizer

Gloss balm, glossy, nourishing


Face Cleansing Mousse

Mild and foaming detergent


Lifting Face Serum

Anti-wrinkle, relaxing and lifting serum


Star Mask Exfoliating Face Mask

exfoliating mask and face scrub