Kit Protezione Solare Golden Skin
Kit Protezione Solare Golden Skin con crema solare, acqua solare, olio solare e integratori per l'abbronzatura
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Golden Skin Sun Protection Kit

all the sunscreen and handy clutch bag as a gift!
Protect your skin and hair, and get a spotless tan thanks to the action of chromabright!

With the Sun Protection Kit, protect your hair and skin from sun exposure and ensure an even, long-lasting tan.

Ideal for all skin types, this kit contains clinically proven ingredients to maintain the right level of nourishment and hydration even under the sun, improve the appearance of skin spots, and prevent their formation with chromabright.

It improves not only the appearance, but the very health of skin and hair.

The kit contains:
• 1 Solar Water - 150 ml
• 1 Face Sunscreen, Protection 25 - 50 ml
• 1 Sunscreen Face, Protection 50 - 50 ml
• 1 Sun Milk Protection 30 Body - 150 ml
• 1 Solar Hair & Body Oil - 200 ml
• 1 Golden Skin Supplement - 30 tablets pack of 550 mg

The kit comes in a handy clutch bag that you can take right to the beach, lake or city!
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With the Golden Skin Sun Protection Kit protect your skin and hair during sun exposure and take care of it at the same time!

  • Golden Skin Solar Water is the ideal choice to moisturize and refresh skin in the sun. It prevents redness and dryness from prolonged sun exposure.
  • Face Sunscreen spf 25 offers medium protection, ideal after the first few days in the sun
  • Face Sun Cream spf 50 effectively protects your skin against skin aging, preventing redness and sunburn.
  • Golden Skin Supplement prepares your skin for summer, sublimates your tan and protects even the most sensitive skin
  • Sun Protection 30 Body Milk is a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula that promotes skin exfoliation to make your skin smooth and radiant
  • The Solar Hair & Body Oil, used before sun exposure creates a protective film that prevents dryness and split ends, leaving skin and hair super soft.

With this kit you can:

  • achieve a safe and prolonged tan
  • lightens skin blemishes
  • prevent the formation of sun spots
  • ensure hydration during sun exposure
  • improve skin tone and elasticity
  • prevent dryness and cracking
  • make hair and skin brighter
  • protect against sunburn from UVB/UVA rays

Plus, the sun kit arrives in a handy clutch bag to take straight to the beach, lake or mountain!


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Kit Protezione Solare Golden Skin

Golden Skin Sun Protection Kit