Spirulina algae for weight loss: does it really work?

The beach vacation is approaching and you still have a few extra pounds to shed: is there a remedy for getting through the swimsuit test?

When diet and exercise are not enough, natural spirulina algae supplements help you to quell hunger pangs and quickly promote lipid (fat) disposal. Why spirulina in particular?

Let's find out together why spirulina seaweed is so effective for weight loss!
Alga spirulina: a cosa serve

Spirulina algae: what it is

The spirulina is a blue microalgae which grows mainly in tropical and subtropical waters. Its dark-green coloration is due to the high presence of chlorophyll, while its name is due to its peculiar shape resembling that of a spiral. 

Spirulina seaweed for weight loss: how does it work?

Spirulina algae is considered the food of the future because it is rich in of protein, fats and essential amino acids, minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium which make it a complete food.

Its lipids contain theomega 6, known to be able to control blood cholesterol levels and helping to check blood pressure.

This alga is also functional to the weight control: regulates bowel functions, improves digestive processes and supports the metabolic system. 

This is where the concept that the spirulina makes you lose weight: when taken before meals, it gives an incredible effect of satiety.

come assumere Spirulina Strong di Stanartis

How to take spirulina algae

Spirulina is considered a safe food by theEFSA, The European Food Safety Authority.

You can take it through specific supplements, the most popular solution to date and considered most effective.

Dr. Salvatore Artiano, a well-known medical surgeon, has conducted a series of research on the subject, leading to the following scientific conclusion: spirulina algae combined with garcinia cambogia, which acts as an adjuvant in the lipid metabolism, helps to Keep hunger under control and to accelerate the weight loss process.

Hence, it stems from Spirulina Strong, Stanartis dietary supplement accessible to all because it is gluten-free and lactose-free. 

The benefits of Spirulina Strong supplement

The benefits found from taking spirulina supplements vary depending on the concentration of algae contained in the supplements. 

Natural tablets of Spirulina Strong 1200mg contain maxi doses of active ingredients: 500mg Spirulina and 500mg Garcinia. A pure concentrate of scientific efficacy to provide you with consistent and natural weight loss.

Relying on Stanartis treatment, you will only need to take on the following. 2 Spirulina Strong tablets daily, 30-60 minutes before lunch and dinner, accompanying them with plenty of water to promote full absorption.

The results you achieve depend on how consistent you will be in performing the treatment in the correct manner: regular intake of spirulina algae-for about 4 months-promotes weight loss and maintenance of normal metabolic functions, with positive effects in the medium to long term. 

Within a month, you will already notice the first physical improvements, and your bowel regularity will also benefit!

The contraindications for taking spirulina seaweed

There are contraindications?

Spirulina produces no notable side effects except in special cases of allergies, intolerances, and interference with medical treatment. 

Also beware of using substandard or dubious products, but rely only on certified companies such as Stanartis, lest you run the risk of ingesting a toxic product-or more simply, one that is ineffective!