Kit Rinforza Capelli con shampoo e lozione anticaduta, e integratori capelli
Kit Rinforza Capelli: shampoo, lozione e integratori anticaduta capelli
Kit Rinforza Capelli, Stanartis
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Hair Strengthening Kit

For healthy skin and hair
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Hair longer, thicker and healthier thanks to the special molecules Tricostrong CPX and Tricofactor Growth CPX. The ideal kit to stimulate hair growth, nourish it in depth and slow the fall. The effectiveness of this kit has been scientifically proven by the laboratory of Pharmacy University Federico II Read More!

4 packs of natural Nutricum Tricostrong tablets, 1 strengthening shampoo, 1 anti-fall lotion, 1 Dermastamp device.

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With the Hair Strengthening Kit, nature will take care of your hair. Ideal for men and women, this kit performs a sebum-healing action and is therefore also suitable for those with oily skin or dermatitis.

The products contained in this home treatment are particularly effective thanks to the molecules of Tricostrong CPX and Tricofactor Growth CPX , molecules born from scientific research Stanartis can counteract hair loss, making them thicker, healthy and strong.

With this kit you can:

  • Counteract hair loss and make them thicker and healthier;
  • Stimulate the growth of new hair;
  • Revitalize the scalp by fortifying the hair bulbs;
  • Rebalance the production of sebum. Particularly suitable for skin prone to seborrheic dermatitis;
  • Promote the production of keratin that makes the hair stronger; 
  • Prolong the anagen phase of hair growth;
  • Slow down hair loss;
  • Nourish the skin.

The kit contains:

- 1 Tricostrong anti fall strengthening shampoo: suitable for all types of hair, able to make their structure more robust and to prevent the fall. Perfect for both men and women. 200 ml bottle.

- 1 Tricostrong Hair Loss Lotion: rich in plant growth factors, nourishing ingredients, antioxidants and microcirculation promoters that promotes natural hair regrowth. Bottle of 100 ml.

- 4 packs of Nutricum Tricostrong. hair supplement: all the antioxidant and hair regrowth power of the annurca apple, combined with vitamins and minerals such as zinc, Selenium and Biotin can counteract cellular aging and hair loss by promoting the growth of new. Each pack contains 30 tablets of 1000 mg.


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Kit Rinforza Capelli con shampoo e lozione anticaduta, e integratori capelli

Hair Strengthening Kit

€220,00 €200,00

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Come utilizzare i prodotti del kit anticaduta capelli di Stanartis?


Begin your journey by taking 2 tablets of Nutricum Tricostrong® hair supplement daily on a full stomach accompanied by a glass of water.

Replace your usual shampoo with Tricostrong® Strengthening Anti-Fall Shampoo, using it on your hair whenever you want to wash it.

Apply Tricostrong® Anti-Hair Loss Lotion twice daily to the areas to be treated, once in the morning and once in the evening for the first month. Then continue for the second month with a single daily application.
Shampoo anticaduta capelli e lozione anticaduta capelli Stanartis


A powerful combination of natural ingredients and the latest scientific findings make the Hair Strengthening Kit a true treatment for improving hair structure and increasing the density of your hair.
Tricostrong CPX®
Tricostrong CPX® è la molecola nata dalla ricerca Stanartis in grado di arrestare la caduta del capello, prevenire la calvizie e rallentare i processi d’invecchiamento della fibra capillare. Tricostrong CPX® è caratterizzata da alte percentuali di vitamine e sali minerali, la cui combinazione è scientificamente dimostrata avere effetti importanti sulla salute di cute e capello.
Tricofactor Growth CPX®
Tricofactor Growth CPX® è la speciale molecola, frutto della ricerca Stanartis, in grado di riequilibrare il cuoio capelluto, rinforzare il bulbo pilifero e stimolare la crescita del capello. La sua composizione naturale, con alte concentrazioni di vitamine e sali minerali è scientificamente dimostrata avere forti poteri antiossidanti.