Dermastamp Dispositivo Anticaduta capelli: come usarlo
Dermastamp Dispositivo Anticaduta capelli: tutorial
Dermastamp Dispositivo Anticaduta Capelli
Dermastamp Cell Renewal Device
Dermastamp Dispositivo Anticaduta capelli, Stanartis
Dermastamp Dispositivo Anticaduta capelli

Dermastamp Cell Renewal Device

Anti-ageing and scalp stimulation treatment

Dermastamp is a titanium micro-needle device ideal for collagen stimulation and skin regeneration. Dermastamp is painless and easy to use, and allows deep penetration of anti-ageing and anti-hair loss treatments, enhancing their effectiveness.

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Dermastamp enables targeted treatment for the health and beauty of the skin and scalp, optimising cell renewal and facilitating deep penetration of the applied substances. In particular, Dermastamp can be used to stimulate hair growth, improve skin tone, refine pores, alleviate scars and minimise dyschromia. Equipped with ultra-thin, adjustable titanium needles, Dermastamp offers a technologically advanced solution to address various dermatological needs.

Thanks to its ability to modulate application frequency and needle length, Dermastamp adapts to the specific needs of each area to be treated. Whether it is to improve facial radiance, tighten skin tone, address imperfections such as stretch marks and scars or stimulate hair growth, Dermastamp offers a customised and scientifically advanced solution.

Use Dermastamp to:

  • Improve absorption of facial serums, creams, oils and hair lotions, allowing deeper and more effective penetration of active ingredients;
  • Reduce micro-wrinkles, scars and stretch marks;
  • Stimulate hair growth. Dermastamp works by strengthening the hair bulb and improving microcirculation.

    Warning: do not use Dermastamp on areas with irritation, or presence of pustules, acne, rosacea.


    Use only for personal use and do not share with other people, disinfect the head with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide , do not use in case of metal allergies, use of irritant cosmetics is prohibited if the skin is not healed, keep out of the reach of children.

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    Dermastamp Dispositivo Anticaduta capelli: come usarlo

    Dermastamp Cell Renewal Device



    STEP 1
    For reasons of hygiene and safety, remember that the use of Dermastamp is strictly personal. Before and after use, sterilise the Dermastamp by soaking it in a solution of water and alcohol with the needles pointing downwards for about 2 minutes.

    STEP 2
    Adjust the needles according to the area to be treated. The greater the sensitivity of the treated area, the shorter the needle length should be.

    STEP 3
    Perform the treatment with Dermastamp on clean skin or hair. Use the device in a mould, vertically, with light pressure on the areas to be treated, in different directions, up to a maximum of 10 pressures per point.

    STEP 4
    For greater effectiveness, before treatment apply products with active ingredients that are functional to the results you want to achieve. For example, on the scalp the Tricostrong Anti-Hair Loss Lotion and/or Shock Vials are recommended.

    On the face it is recommended to use the Lifting Serum in combination with the 360° Facecream.

    Do not apply any other products within 6 hours.

    STEP 5
    Repeat the treatment once every 2 weeks, maximum once a week. Enhance results with all Tricostrong® hair treatments and Stanartis beauty routines.