Kit Anticaduta capelli con Dermastamp
Kit Anticaduta capelli con shampoo, lozione, integratori e Dermastamp
Kit Anticaduta con Dermastamp, Stanartis
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Anti Hair Loss Kit with Dermastamp

treatment against baldness
Replicate a PRP treatment right at home with the Anti-Fall Kit with Dermastamp.
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From medical research in the head of hair growth factors, comes the Anti-Hair Loss Kit with Dermastamp. This kit draws on the strength of Tricostrong CPX® and Tricofactor Growth CPX® molecules, born from Stanartis research, scientifically proven effective against hair loss.

The combined action of the active ingredients of anti-hair loss shampoo and lotion, specific hair health supplements and the use of Dermastamp make this kit truly effective in strengthening the hair bulb, improving skin oxygenation and stopping the advance of baldness by promoting hair growth.

The kit contains.:
• 1 Tricostrong® Anti-Fall Strengthening Shampoo - 200ml
• 1 Tricostrong® Anti-Hair Loss Lotion - 100ml
• 4 packages of Nutricum Tricostrong® anti-hair loss supplements - 30 tablets of 1000 M per package
• 1 Dermastamp device, the micro-needle skin regeneration system
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The Anti-Hair Loss Kit with Dermastamp is ideal for men and women who suffer from baldness or are beginning to see the first signs of thinning and thinning hair. It improves scalp health, slows hair aging and makes it stronger.

  • Tricostrong® Anti-Fall Strengthening Shampoo is suitable for frequent use, for all hair types. Just use it regularly, substituting it for regular shampoo to have stronger hair in just one month of use.
  • Tricostrong® Anti-Hair Loss Lotion promotes hair growth and improves microcirculation, improving skin oxygenation.
  • Nutricum Tricostrong® Hair Supplement intensely nourishes hair with anti-oxidant agents, harnessing the active ingredients of the blackcurrant apple, vitamins, minerals, zinc, selenium, and biotin.

With this kit you can:

  • Improve scalp oxygenation
  • Fortify the hair bulbs
  • Prolong the anagen phase of hair growth
  • Reduce and/or stop baldness
  • Slow down hair loss
  • Have thicker and healthier hair


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Kit Anticaduta capelli con Dermastamp

Anti Hair Loss Kit with Dermastamp

€259,00 €220,00


Il Kit Anticaduta con Dermastamp è ideale per uomini e donne che soffrono di calvizie o cominciano a vedere i primi segni di diradamento e assottigliamento dei capelli.
Begin your journey by taking 2 tablets of Nutricum Tricostrong®, daily after your main meal, with a glass of water.

Use Tricostrong® Anti-Fall Strengthening Shampoo, like a regular shampoo. You can also use it for frequent washing.

Use a few drops of Tricostrong® Anti-Hair Loss Lotion on the skin, particularly on the areas most affected by thinning. Repeat the procedure in the morning and at night.

Every 2 weeks, proceed with Dermastamp treatment: adjust the needles of the device to 1 mm and press it without too much force on the skin, in different directions, starting right from the most critical areas.


Kit anticaduta capelli con Dermastamp, lozione, shampoo e integratori capelli
At the heart of the Anti-Hair Loss Kit is the extraordinary antioxidant power of the blackcurrant apple, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and active ingredients that fight hair loss and help make hair thicker and healthier.
Tricostrong CPX®
Tricostrong CPX® è la molecola nata dalla ricerca Stanartis in grado di arrestare la caduta del capello, prevenire la calvizie e rallentare i processi d’invecchiamento della fibra capillare. Tricostrong CPX® è caratterizzata da alte percentuali di vitamine e sali minerali, la cui combinazione è scientificamente dimostrata avere effetti importanti sulla salute di cute e capello.
Tricofactor Growth CPX®
Tricofactor Growth CPX® è la speciale molecola, frutto della ricerca Stanartis, in grado di riequilibrare il cuoio capelluto, rinforzare il bulbo pilifero e stimolare la crescita del capello. La sua composizione naturale, con alte concentrazioni di vitamine e sali minerali è scientificamente dimostrata avere forti poteri antiossidanti.