Acmella: the properties

Acmella is an extract from the flowers and stems of a plant native to South America and Africa. Used since ancient times in the East, acmella is now used in various pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations.

In addition to its analgesic effect, Acmella has gone down in history as an anti-aging remedy with a natural botulinum effect for its lifting power that can recompact the dermis.

What are the benefits of acmella?

Acmella contains the active ingredient spintulate, known for its analgesic properties. Used on facial skin, acmella's active ingredients smooth out expression lines, with an immediate botox effect.

Acmella stimulates the contraction of collagen fibroblasts, immediately making the skin appear fuller and firmer.

This natural ingredient is helpful in both preventing the formation of wrinkles and improving the appearance of expression lines and deeper wrinkles already present.

Use of acmella in cosmetics

Acmella is used in anti-aging cosmetics. It is found in serums, creams and cleansers. The quality of the product formulation and the other ingredients to which the active ingredients of acmella are combined concur in determining the effects. In general, it is necessary for the product to be able to carry the spilanthol deeply for it to be effective.

You find acmella in these Stanartis products:

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