Panthenol: the properties

Panthenol is a chemical substance based on pantothenic acid, of animal or plant origin, which on contact with the epidermis is transformed into the pro-vitamin B5.

What are the benefits of panthenol?

Panthenol has strong regenerative properties and is mainly exploited for its ability to form a protective barrier that can facilitate tissue regeneration. This makes it an ideal substance for treating skin micro-injuries and burns.

Panthenol's soothing function and anti-inflammatory properties, as the National Center for Biotechnology Information points out, can be exploited on redness, inflamed areas, and skin irritation.

Panthenol can also increase the elasticity of skin and hair, leaving them more moisturized and smoother. Especially on hair, where it creates a protective film that can lock in moisture, preserving it from heat sources and environmental agents. 

Use of panthenol in cosmetics

Panthenol is widely used in the manufacture of skin and hair care products. It is often found in after-sun formulations, which are required to restore proper skin hydration, with a soothing and regenerating action.

In the area of hair beauty, panthenol is used in a wide range of products, particularly in restructuring products.

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